Dry Brush


Our dry brush is perfect for dry skin brushing which can relieve itches, exfoliate dead skin, stimulate circulation, and lymphatic drainage. Your skin will feel smoother, rejuvenated and the appearance of cellulite may reduce. Note that vegan bristles are firmer than animal hair which means more dead skin will be brushed off.

- Before showers, gently and slowly brush your skin from toe to neck in long strokes toward your heart. Go over each area two or three times.
- At your belly and back, brush in a clockwise motion.
- Use a vitamin-rich moisturizer or body oil immediately after.
- For sensitive skin, please use on top a thin layer of clothing e.g., sleepwear, t-shirt, yoga wear

- Repurpose the brush for shoe cleaning, general house cleaning, gardening, etc.
- Bristles: cut with scissors then compost
- Handle and strap: check the city's waste management info before disposal. If unsure, always consider composting in the backyard over throwing into the garbage.