Pumice Stone


The Lava Pumice Stone is essential for the perfect pedicure while being eco-friendly! These natural lava stones are both porous and abrasive making them perfect for scrubbing rough skin on feet, heels, and elbows. Each pumice stone is unique with a slightly different size, shape, and color.

- Soak feet in the shower or bath for a few minutes until skin is soft.
- Wet stone and scrub rough areas for a few minutes with light pressure. If you're working on your feet, focus on heels, sides of your toes, and other areas where dry skin tends to build up.
- Moisturize your feet after use.

Care Instructions:
-Make sure to rinse stone thoroughly after use and hang to dry with the cotton loop.
- You can soak in boiling water or vinegar to sanitize. With proper care, this pumice stone will last a long time!

Multipurpose: Can be used to remove hair or pills from fabric (gently), and even clean stubborn water rings in your toilet.